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Lonnie Perkins has been the trusted voice
of the most trusted news and information stations
in almost every one of America’s top 50 markets.

For over 20 years Lonnie has been providing a signature voice to many brands, plus creating marketing and branding campaigns all across the country. Initially specializing in helping Newsradio and TV stations, he has also had the privilege of working with several pro sports teams and large regional commercial brands as well.


Lonnie’s career actually started on the air at age fourteen. First job out of college found him as the morning personality on WKY, Oklahoma City. A few years and a couple markets later, he willingly gave up the 3 am daily alarm to run his own business. But he credits those many morning shows with giving his voiceovers personality, and an understanding of how to connect with the listener, not merely read a script.


In his spare time, Lonnie loves hiking, biking, working out, writing, reading and especially enjoying life with his wife of 30+ years. He is also very active in mentoring men through his other business ventures and through his church, non-profit and civic involvement.

Looking for a trusted voice for your brand?

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